picture this karen;

Picture this Karen

Every painting has a soul your eye can reveal.

About Me

Karyn Valckx

Picture this Karen

What does one say about themselves?  In some form or fashion we are all artists, whether its painting or creating something with our own hands. 

We all have our own niche.  I realized later in life mine is painting, photography and saving the world one bottle of wine at a time.

I get the same question asked frequently "are you self taught?"  I would say yes and no.  We are always forever learning, so I learn from online teachers and create something that morphs into my own imagination.

I love taking a travel image and painting it onto canvas.  When a client asks for a painting to be created, I do my best to see their vision and it makes me happy when I see their first reaction.

At the end of the day making a mess in my studio is always a good thing, as long as one doesn't place their brush in their Wine cup!


My recent Art and Photos can be found at Adega on 45th Estate Winery in Osoyoos @ 7311 - 45th Street


Osoyoos, british columbia

7 days a week

10am - 5 pm